Hi everyone. This is the first post of Flarescape blog, a place where we'd like to share with you hints and tips and creative twist regarding the world of photography, graphic and image related whatsoever.

As a first post, I am not set to reveal news to you, since here in Flarescape BatCave we hasten to complete preparations and it is not our intention to blow it. However there is something we can share with you, let's call this a first photographic tip.

Elia Locardi. If you're anyhow into photography, this is a name you must know. I suggest you google it and catch up with Fstoppers community, it is such a great place to retrieve nice tutorials, materials, inspirations. And to keep up with the amazing work of a guy whose talent and brainwise technique earned him worldwide notoriety.

Here are some links for you:

  • https://fstoppers.com/
  • https://www.youtube.com/user/FStoppers

Keep it up Elia, all the best to you and Fstoppers!

That's all for today folks, from Flarescape: over and out!

-Cesare & Sharon